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Running in Cold Weather – Cold Weather Running Gear

7 December 2013 4 Comments

Running in Cold Weather

I love to run. But, for the past 5.5 years, I have lived in places that get ludicrously cold in the winter time. From summer 2008-summer 2010, I lived in Rhode Island. And then from summer 2010 to the present, I have lived in Chicago. Of the two, I think Chicago is the coldest. And although I started running in Rhode Island, I usually have a run in the summer, not the winter, mentality. Thus every March/April I start running, I build my endurance up to 3-4 miles. And then completely QUIT running around October.

This past summer, however, I built my endurance up to 5 miles of running and then completed my first every 10k in August. I did have to walk a bit of it, but I completed it. and that was ultimately my goal.

Chicago 10K Run

and then I realized how much I want to be able to keep running through the winter. I want to keep building that mileage. I want to run a half marathon. And my dream is to run the Disney Princess half marathon. But as that is in February, I would have to be able to train for the winter.

Cold Weather Running Gear

Thus for Hanukkah I asked for Winter Running Clothes. My mom got me a few items on black Friday at super discounted prices. and then I also got a few Dick’s Sporting Good gift cards and was able to acquire the last few items I needed.

cold weather winter running gear

#1 – Running Hat: This was one of our black friday finds. We got it at Under Armour. You can get it for $26.99 on Dick’s website.

#2 Running Socks: Technically there is nothing special about these socks. But these are my favorite running socks, so I though I’d include them anyways. These are Nike Socks. I can’t seem to find them on the Nike website. But I definitely bought them at a local Nike store. I’m sure any running sock from Nike would be great.

#3 Running Gloves: These gloves were on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods. They are these gloves, only sadly the store I got them at didn’t have them in pink as shown on this website. They are $22.00 – the same price I paid in store.

#4 Running Pants: These pants are the Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Infrared Thermo Tights. You can find them on Dick’s website for $69.99 which is exactly what I paid for them.

#5 Running Shirt: This was another black friday goodie – the WOMEN’S UA BASE™ 3.0 CREW. I think we got it for about $30 but it is  currently listed as $74.99 on their website.

I took my new collection out for my first cold weather run yesterday. My weather app says it was “20 degrees, feels like 8.” I put on all my nice new running gear and took off. And I was actually quite comfortable. My neck was a little cold when I started off. And although that warmed up after about a 7-8 minutes, I think I might look for some kind of neck thing to add to my collection. I was able to complete 2.56 miles.  I would have run another mile if my back hadn’t decided to tighten up to the point I couldn’t walk. Not sure what that was about. I was in so much pain I could barely walk. But my back injury is not the topic of today’s post.

cold weather gear run chicago

All in all, I greatly enjoyed my running gear and look forward to this injury healing so I can go for more cold weather runs – who knows, maybe I’ll do my first ever half marathon in May or June!

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Are you a runner? Do you run in the winter time? What cold weather gear do you use? Have you ever run a half? What other kind of running articles might you be interested in seeing?

Or if you aren’t a runner – just let me know you stopped by!

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4 Responses to “Running in Cold Weather – Cold Weather Running Gear”

  1. All my cold weather gear is VSX Sport but that’s just because I’m a Victoria’s Secret junkie. Haha. The coldest I’ve been out in so far has been 30° because I got sick just as it got colder. Hopefully I’ll be back out this week

  2. Oh I love Victoria secret too! It never even occurred to me to look there for cold weather running gear! Good luck on your sub freezing run!

  3. Erik Gibson says:

    When you first started running, did you have someone who served as a running mentor for you? He or she may have given you information about recommended gear , running books , where to run, or the best races to run.

    • Ashley says:

      Not exactly. I first started running years ago in Rhode Island, but never got to more than 3 miles comfortably. I wasn’t really dedicated until much later. Though when it came to looking for running supplies, I still often contact the two girls that I did run with in Rhode Island. One has done a marathon and one has done a few half marathons, she may actually have done a full but I’m not sure.

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