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Daily February Ab Challenges

31 January 2012 No Comment

I saw this on pinterest and thought it was pretty cool.

From Tumblr

So… want to start developing those abs you’ve always wanted?

It seems easy enough. We can all do these exercises as laid out here. With this easy to follow combination of sit-ups, planks, and push-ups – it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes of your time, and who doesn’t have 5-10 minutes of a day? Seems like a fun challenge.


Or take your fitness to the next level this February

Starting February 20th, I am running a 30 day fitness challenge. TWO parts nutrition and ONE part exercise. All you need to do is pick your exercise program, get your shakeology, and show me your enthusiasm! I will do the rest, complete with daily tips, motivation, and other healthy challenges!

Want to commit to a FULL FABULOUS FEBRUARY?

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ashley. I am a 28 year old, married, doctor in training, crafty Jewish blogger from Chicago . I'd love to help you make a healthy life change! And it just so happens that I am getting a group together to do the NEW PIYO program WITH me! Get your challenge pack, I'll send you a free blender, and I will bring you into my challenge group. I'll push you and motivate you and keep you on track! Want more info? Shoot me an email at! or make me your coach for FREE today and we can discuss how to reach YOUR goals!

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