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Turbo Fire Review – Calories Burned

11 June 2011 5 Comments

Burn 100s of calories with my favorite workout – TURBO FIRE!

There are two reasons Turbo Fire burns so many calories: 

1. Turbo Fire exercises keep your heart rate up throughout the program.

2. Turbo Fire incorporates high intensity interval training so that you burn calories at a higher rate all day!

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So how many calories do you burn with Turbo Fire?!

High Intensity Interval Training, such as that found in the Turbo Fire HIIT videos and Fire Drills are designed to put your body into recovery mode and boost your metabolism – essentially you burn more calories the rest of the day in your normal everyday activities.

My two favorite Turbo Fire workouts are HIIT 25 and FIRE 45 – here are the calories burned by MY Turbo Fire team mates:

HIIT 25: between 705-1030 calories burned in 25 minutes

Fire 45: between 480 and 756 calories burned in 45 minutes – one team member clocked in at 1200 calories!

*Note: obviously individual weight and physical fitness level will cause these numbers to vary

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Do you own a heart rate monitor? How many calories do you burn in 25 or 45 minute exercises? What kind of heart rate monitor do you use?

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ashley. I am a 29 year old, married, pediatrician, crafty Jewish blogger from Phoenix. I'd love to help you make a healthy life change! And it just so happens that I am PREGNANT and getting a group of pregnant women together to workout and stay healthy starting February 15th!! Get your challenge pack, I'll send you a free blender, and I will bring you into my challenge group. I'll push you and motivate you and keep you on track! Not Pregnant? I've got another challenge group just for YOU! Shoot me an email at! or make me your coach for FREE today and we can discuss how to reach YOUR goals!

5 Responses to “Turbo Fire Review – Calories Burned”

  1. Jess says:

    I’ve really enjoyed having a heart rate monitor to look at calories burned, how long I am staying in my target heart rate zone, and to calculate my heart rate recovery.

    Today, I did Fire 30, was in the 80-90% heart rate zone for 21 minutes of it, max heart rate of 177, recovery heart rate of 51 (very good– a great measure of how healthy your heart is), and burned 608 calories. 🙂

    Yesterday I did the Tone 30 video and burned around 400 calories!

  2. Hi There Homemadefit,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, The reason the Turbo Fire program is so effective is because it employs the use of high intensity interval training commonly referred to as HIIT. The difference between high intensity interval training and your basic low intense cardio workout on the treadmill is that after you get off the treadmill your fat burning process stops. The benefit of high intensity interval training is that it can benefit you as much as twenty four hours later; this is accomplished by spiking your metabolism during your intense workout.
    Greetings, Lisa

    • Ashley says:

      you are absolutely right Lisa! also, it builds muscle, and any program that builds muscle helps you to burn calories at an elevated rate all day!

  3. Jabby says:

    How do you calculate the calories burned with Turbo Fire’s. I just recently started with the program and was wonder how do I apply it to my fitness pal calorie counter.

    • Ashley says:

      Hey Jabby! Thanks for stopping by!

      The simplest way to do it is to get a heart rate monitor(HRM)! I use the Polar FT4 from amazon (about $60).

      But before I had a HRM – I used the following equation in an excel spreadsheet:
      calories burned = (0.074 x age in years – 0.05741 x weight in pounds + 0.4472 x average heart rate – 20.4022) x time elapsed / 4.184
      — the average heart rate: I would get from stopping every 2-3 minutes to check my heart rate for 15 seconds and record it. then at the end of the workout I could tally it up and average it. complicated, i know – hence the HRM 🙂

      Best of luck! And if you are looking for a coach to help guide you – I’d be honored to help you! sign up here!

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