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Turbo Jam vs Turbo Fire: Is Turbo Jam an acceptable alternative to Turbo Fire?

6 April 2011 One Comment

My Experience with Turbo fire

So for the past 3 months (yes, I hit 90 days April 03, 2011) I have been rigorously following the Turbo Fire Schedule. And I could not be more pleased with my results.

See 30 day results here

See 90 day results here

But Turbo Fire is 120 dollars. Of course when you consider that it is 90 days worth of workouts, you are only paying 1.33 a day for a great workout

…but I understand that for a lot of people this may be just too much, particularly if this is your first time taking a fitness journey.

What is Turbo Jam?

So I discovered, that Turbo Jam, the original version of Turbo Fire, is only half the price. Turbo Jam incorporates cardio kickboxing with sculpting and dance music and has been shown to clock in 1000 calories in 1 hour. In addition to a diet plan and recipe guide, Turbo Jam is being sold with weighted gloves (normally a 20 dollar value). So when you think about it. You are really paying only FORTY dollars for a fitness program: 60 for turbo jam – 20 for weighted gloves = 40 dollars to get in shape.

You can watch a video of Turbo Jam here – (Note: not compatible with google chrome)

What is Turbo Fire?

Turbo Fire marked the beginning of my fitness journey. It is fun, upbeat, and offers a wide variety. With Turbo Fire – you will get some cardio kickboxing mixed with dancing. But you also get toning and sculpting videos – using resistance bands, core videos, and stretch videos. The 40 minute stretch video incorporates a lot of yoga. You also get high intensity interval training videos – which are my favorite part of Turbo Fire, and something you do NOT get in Turbo Jam.

You can watch a video of Turbo Fire here – (Note: not compatible with google chrome)

Comparing Results Between the Two:

Comparing results between the two is difficult because

1 – I have never done Turbo Jam before – so I can’t speak from experience

2 – Turbo Jam is only 2 months long, not three.

3 – Chalene herself says that “Turbo Fire is definitely more intense then Turbo Jam”

4- Turbo Jam doesn’t have the 15 minute HIT video OR Fire 45, which were my favorite parts of Turbo Fire 🙂

How does Chalene – the maker of both programs describe the difference between Turbo Fire and Turbo Jam?

I have to recommend Turbo Fire because I loved it so much…

But –  Turbo Jam has been on Oprah AND in the Oprah magazine, and who doesn’t love Oprah?

To Get your copy of Turbo Jam now!

To Get your copy of Turbo Fire now!

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One Response to “Turbo Jam vs Turbo Fire: Is Turbo Jam an acceptable alternative to Turbo Fire?”

  1. Felicia says:

    Interesting take on the differences between Turbojam and Turbofire. I think this will help people decide which of the two the should do.

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